Pinot Gris

2022AOC Schaffhausen

Like liquid gold: Initially restrained, this wine opens from minute to minute. It matures in wooden barrels made of Schaffhausen oak. Pear-like aromas pamper the nose and the palate. Take your time to enjoy it!

75 cl

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Price per Bottle

Grape variety

100% Pinot Gris

Gastronomic recommendation

mushroom ravioli, seafood, fish, pasta, cheese, veal, poultry

Serving temperature

10–12 °C

Shelf life

4 years


In October during the main grape harvest.


The grapes of Pinot Gris shimmer gray-pink in the vineyard. A cool and slow fermentation is then carried out and takes place in Schaffhausen oak barrels.


A special, full-bodied palate experience with classic and spicy pear and apple flavors


light finish
Aging: Schaffhausen oak barrels



vintage 2019: AWC Vienna

vintage 2018: AWC Vienna

vintage 2013: AWC Vienna


vintage 2010: Mondial des Pinots


vintage 2017: AWC Vienna

vintage 2015: Decanter World Wine Award

vintage 2014: AWC Vienna