Vineyard Rötiberg 2016

2016AOC Schaffhausen

2016 was a cooler year with fewer hours of sunshine. A very fruity vintage thanks to the ripe grapes of the late harvest. Due to the frost in spring, the yield was rather small, but still very high quality.

For us, now is the perfect time to enjoy this wonderful vintage. It convinces with its velvety tannins and a beautiful balance between fruit and acidity.

75 cl, 150 cl, 300 cl

CHF28.00 inkl. MwSt.

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Price per Bottle

Grape variety

100% Pinot Noir

Gastronomic recommendation

barbeque, game, herbal cuisine, Mediterranean kitchen

Serving temperature

17–19 °C

Shelf life

8 years


In the last beautiful autumn days after the main harvest


A cold resting period before and after fermentation leaches out the grape aromas and tannins and give the wine its necessary structure and its excellent aging potential. The wine rests in oak barrels for around a year and then receives another five months of aging in the bottle before it goes on the market.


Beautiful black cherries, light tobacco notes and elegant vanilla tones are perceptible on the nose and on the palate. An excellent meal companion.

Special about the wine

The Rötiberg, one of the best and steepest south- facing vineyard locations of Wilchingen, produces complex wines with great aging potential. The grapes are yield reduced to 700gr/m2. It gives the wine a strong fruit and structure. The wine ages for 12 months in large 500 liter barrels, after that it goes unfiltered into the bottles.



vintage 2016 (under the best 8 Pinot Noirs of Switzerland): Grand Prix du Vin Suisse


vintage 2017, 91 points: Decanter World Wine Award

vintage 2017: AWC Vienna

vintage 2016, 88 points: Falstaff

vintage 2016: Mondial des Pinots

vintage 2016, 90 Points: Decanter World Wine Award


vintage 2018: AWC Vienna

vintage 2016: AWC Vienna