There is a barrel of the best brandy on our screed. The long aging with temperature differences in the barrel has given this noble brandy a wonderful maturity and a clear scent of vanilla and tobacco. Mild and aromatic aftertaste. Unique!

50 cl

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Gastronomic recommendation

cigars, coffee, blue cheese, dark chocolate

Serving temperature

18 °C


Brandy is made by distilling a wine. The same procedure is used for brandy or cognac. We use selected Pinot Noir wines for our Wiibrand. A barrel of the best Wiibrand has been on our screed for over 10 years. The long storage with slow temperature differences has given this ’’ ten years old ’’ a wonderful maturity.


In the glass it shows an intensely sparkling amber color. Its scent is distinctive with aromas of tobacco, leather, wood, vanilla and pickled cherry. It is pleasantly warm on the palate and convinces with its long finish.

Alcohol content