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Our region

The village of Wilchingen, home of the winery, is placed a few kilometers from the German border and can be reached from Zurich in just under 40 minutes. It is also worth the detour (approx. 15 minutes) from the Rhine Falls by car or train to Wilchingen.

Every year our breathtaking vineyards and the famous ‚Winefestival’ attract many tourists to our village. In addition to hiking or wine tasting, our region offers much more that is worth discovering.

We are proud that all our wines have been certified with the Swiss Park label and the Schaffhausen Regional Nature Park since September 2019. Regional products and the strengthening of the regional economy are our priorities.

Combine your visit with other activities. Find out more about our culinary offerings in the region, the Schaffhausen Regional Nature Park and the Blauburgunderland.

«The quality already begins in the vineyard»

Stephan Keller


The Rhine shaped our magnificent region in prehistoric times. It is also responsible for the variety and fertility of the soil. Made of clay, gravel and shell limestone it nourishes the local vines and give them the rich mineral substances they need. In addition to that, the soil also contains fossils (middle lias limestone, known as Arietenkalk in German) of once-living creatures from the Jurassic period, the time when our region was still flooded by a shallow sea. Our vines therefore thrive on rock layers that are 230-250 million years old.


Looking out from the center of the village, the Wilchingerberg extends to the west, and is divided into the locations Rötiberg and Hochbreiti. The rocky subsoil of these southern locations consists mainly of shell, limestone and clay, which produce rather heavy wines. Towards Osterfingen, the vines grow on gravel soils, which are particularly suited to our white wines.

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