Terroir-box Pinot Noir

AOC Schaffhausen

1 grape - 6 wines

à 75cl of the wineries below:

Rötiberg Kellerei, Wilchingen

Trotte Löhningen

WeinStamm, Thayngen

Florin, Stein am Rhein

Lindenhof, Osterfingen

Aagne, Hallau

CHF128.00 inkl. MwSt.

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The perfect wine package for the cozy, cool days

The Pinot Noir grape variety, also called Pinot Noir, is considered the king of red wines and is the red quality variety of the cooler wine-growing areas.
It’s the most planted grape variety in our region. But what’s behind this noble plant, you will learn in the Schaffhausen terroir-package Pinot Noir.

Wines from one kind of grape and six friendly wineries. From Wilchingen, Osterfingen, Hallau, Löhningen, Thayngen and Stein am Rhein. A diverse variety of terroir and types of wine. Discover Schaffhausen.

The package includes 6 red wines of the Pinot Noir grape, information about the grape, the terroirs in Schaffhausen and the wines of the respective wineries.

The terroir package is available for CHF 128.-

We hope you enjoy tasting.