Pinot Noir, Klettgau

2018AOC Schaffhausen

A classic Pinot Noir with an intense scent of red berries and soft tones of sour cherries pamper the senses: fruit, tension, delicate tannins and fine melting for an uncomplicated, spontaneous wine enjoyment.


Price per Bottle

Grape variety

100% Pinot Noir

Gastronomic recommendation

barbeque, game, poultry, vegetables, vesper platter

Serving temperature

17–19 °C

Shelf life

4 years


in October during the main grape harvest


A gentle pressing (maceration) allows this wine to become what it is – a traditional Pinot Noir.


Fruity red wine with a smooth tannin structure and wonderful forest fruit aromas


dry, fruity finish

Special about the wine

The wine is a blend of grapes from the wine-growing villages of Wilchingen, Osterfingen and Trasadingen. It is supposed to reflect the Klettgau region. Its uncomplicated character suits many everyday occasions.



vintage 2016: AWC Vienna

vintage 2013: AWC Vienna

vintage 2010: Expovina


vintage 2018: AWC Vienna

vintage 2017: AWC Vienna

vintage 2016, 86 Points: Meiningers Sommelier

vintage 2014: AWC Vienna