Element 5

2020AOC Schaffhausen

This is not Luc Besson's big movie with Bruce Willis and Milla Jocovich - no, this cosmos of exquisite Pinot Noir grapes is far more complex and pleases from year to year with increasing drinking pleasure.

75 cl

CHF47.00 inkl. MwSt.

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Price per Bottle

Grape variety

100% Pinot Noir

Gastronomic recommendation

beef, barbeque, game, lamb

Serving temperature

17 – 19 °C

Shelf life

very long

Four winemakers

Rötiberg-Kellerei, Wilchingen / Aagne, Hallau / Weingut Lindenhof, Osterfingen / WeinStamm, Thayngen

One Idea

In the Schaffhausen Blauburgunderland, the winegrowers regularly compare and discuss their wines. They criticize, praise and, of course, talk shop. During one of such a gathering, the four winemakers came up with the idea of assembling their best Pinot Noirs into one wine. «Element 5» was created from one idea and four Pinot Noirs.

One Grape

The Pinot Noir grape is probably one of the most demanding grape types available. Many experts therefore call it the “Queen of Grapes”. Only the right terroir, the know-how and the careful handling of this grape allow great wines to mature. The almost inexhaustible spectrum of Pinot Noir allows a wide variety of finish options.


Deep ruby red with dark complexes. Playful cherry fruit paired with notes of tobacco, fiery and slightly spicy aromas. Very complex on the palate, rich in aromas, elegant and fine-grained tannins, full-bodied with elegant aftertaste.



vintage 2013: Mondial des Pinots

vintage 2013, 91 points: Meiningers Sommelier

vintage 2011, 90 points: Meiningers Sommelier

vintgage 2011: Expovina


vintage 2015, 89 points: Meiningers Sommelier

vintage 2017. 89 points: Falstaff

vintage 2015, 88 points: Falstaff

vintage 2015, 93 points: Decanter World Wine Award

vintage 2013: AWC Vienna

vintage 2013: Expovina

vintage 2011, 89 points: Meiningers Sommelier

vintage 2011: Grand Prix du Vin Suisse