Diolly Noir

2019AOC Schaffhausen

The venerable standing vines on the Rötiberg are pampered by the sun until late hours in the evening. The red copper soil gives this massive wine a fiery aroma accompanied by dark berry notes. Its rich fruit, unobtrusive tannins and long reverberation are a delight.

75 cl

CHF36.00 inkl. MwSt.


Grape variety

100% Diolly Noir

Gastronomic recommendation

beef, mature cheese, romantic hours at the fire place, special ocasions

Serving temperature

17–19 °C

Shelf life

8 Jahre


in the last beautiful autumn days after the main harvest


The Diolly Noir grapes are hand- picked. A cold standing before and after the traditional mash fermentation leaches out the wonderful grape aromas and tannins and give the wine the necessary structure.


this wine leaves nothing to be desired in terms of culinary experiences. Rough and rich in tannins – at the same time full of character and full-bodied, it surprises its friends with a unique, multifaceted intensity.


Aromas of ripe dark forest fruits accompanied by Christmas spices.


2 years in French oak barrels.

Special about the wine

The grape Diolly Noir originally comes from the canton of Vaud and it is a cross between Rouge de Diolly and Pinot Noir.



vintage 2014: AWC Vienna


vintage 2018, 90 points: Decanter World Wine Award

vintage 2014: Decanter World Wine Award

vintage 2013: AWC Vienna


vintage 2018: AWC Vienna

vintage 2013: Decanter World Wine Award