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29. November 2021

Kongresshaus Zürich, Claridenstrasse 5, 8003 Zürich

Monday, 11.00-19.30
Mémoire and Friends with 137 individual stands and 3 group stands
Swiss Wine Vintage Award 2021 (tapping until it runs out)

After an involuntary break from the game last year, normality is sowly returning: the Mémoire winemakers and their freinds will finally perform again with their best bottles in front of a large audience on Monday, 29 November in the newly renovated Kongresshaus Zurich.

The associations "Mondial du Chasselas", "Junge Schweiz - Neue Winzer" ans "Grain Noble ConfidenCiel" will also be present at the comprehensive exhibition of the current wines from about 140 top Swiss producers.

In addition, the ten year old winning wines of the Swiss Wine Vintage Award 2021 will be available for tasting in a special show.

Finally, on Sunday, 28 November, the renowed association "Mémoire des Vins Suisses" will open his memorable treasure trove full of worthily aged wines that demonstrate the great ageing potential and thus also the nobility of Swiss wine.

A must for all wine lovers!


Free admission with online registration, CHF 20 per person at the box office.

Information and tickets at www.swiss-wine-tasting.ch

Admission only with a valid Covid certificate